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Lost in Thought [Jun. 13th, 2006|11:20 pm]
Scribite -- Write, you!


(Short one today, it's been busy -- I'll post to my real journal about the happenings tomorrow -- and I want to go to bed)

Have you ever really been lost in Thought? It's a frightening place. Visitors to Thought should be carefully checked out and given careful instructions, because we can't afford the manpower to be constantly hauling visitors back. We've lost enough of our own men in Thought on serious missions. We don't have time for tourists.

You're not taking me seriously. What do you think Thought is? We have no maps for it, no guides, no carriage-rides for sightseers. There's just you, a gray horizon, and billions of paths. They've never been numbered precisely because they change all the time. You could mark your trail behind you and your trail could still disappear. Some of the paths are quite pleasant, some are safe and lovely. But there's no guarantee where any particular strand will take you.

I can see you're determined to walk the cold, narrow way.

Good luck.